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Living Buddha, Living Christ has taught me the true meaning of Buddhism, and it demonstrates what the path to true enlightenment is. The following concepts have stood out to me, and they are ones that I relate to on a more personal level. Buddhism has perceptions that are not always seen by everyone, but they are concepts that are important for our own happiness.
The first concept of Living Buddha, Living Christ that was the most important to me was the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness was particularly interesting to me because it isn’t something that is thought of in daily life. It is a concept that you unconsciously think about, and you are never truly aware of what you are doing until you accept it. My favorite part of mindfulness was how the author described Buddhism. He described it as “we sit, we walk, we eat” and that is a very blunt statement. Although the statement is blunt, it opened up my eyes to see that mindfulness does not require excessive thought like I had assumed. Excessive thought is something that is not a part of mindfulness, and it relates to what the book said about the past. If you worry about the past or future, you’re wasting time. I love the idea of living in the present, not the cliché type, but I love the idea that the past and the future can only hurt you. You are never truly aware of what is going on within you and around you until you focus on the present. If you do everything with mindfulness, you will always see the beauty that surrounds you. I also thought of the story of the tiger and the monk while reading about mindfulness. As the monk was hanging on the vine, he ate the strawberry. He was only focusing on what he was doing at that moment, and he wasn’t worried about what was behind him o...

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...their own suffering, and their own lives. It is impossible to help others if we cannot try to understand them. Lastly, the concept of forgiveness coming from understanding is relevant to everyday life. Every person makes mistakes, and everyone does things that are not proud of. If you can learn to forgive what you do yourself, you can forgive others. You have to understand a person’s reasons and their suffering, and if you do not, you will never live in peace with yourself.
Living Buddha, Living Christ has opened up my eyes to the world, and it has served as a learning experience for me. I was never really sure what Buddhism was, and I never knew their values were so enlightening. Buddhism has shown me a different outlook to the world around me, and this book has also.

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