Living A Life With Unlimited Income Essay

Living A Life With Unlimited Income Essay

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Rags to Riches
Sophie Tucker, comedian, once said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, rich is better” (Tucker). Today, many people in our American culture dream of becoming rich. Living a life with unlimited income, that is the goal, for most. Some believe that money isn’t everything, and that there are more things to life than being wealthy. Those people have never been rich. Of course, there are other things in life that are important; for instance, family. Nonetheless, it is extremely difficult to picture someone saying that they wish they weren’t rich. People would much rather have an abundance of wealth rather than live a life paycheck to paycheck. It is less stressful knowing where the next meal is coming from, and there is a huge sense of security in being financially stable. However, when it comes to something that is rich in content, it can almost be too much. For example, someone would describe a food as rich, meaning high in seasoning, fat, oil, or sweetness.
The first step towards becoming rich is education. Based off of what a child would like to do with his/her life, is where they choose what educational path to travel on. Keith Perry conducted a survey asking children under the age of ten, what job they would like to have in the future. According to the survey, one in five kids answered with, “I just want to be rich.” Ten percent of the children surveyed said they would like to become a doctor and eight percent would like to become veterinarians (Perry). The survey shows that most children are choosing jobs with large sources of income. Along with asking what these children would like to be when they grow up, the parents of the surveyed children, were also to ask whether money could buy happiness. Three- quarters (...

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...ood, and retiring at a reasonable age. Having a lot of money is a luxury that some, but not all people get to enjoy. In reality, rich people do not even spend all of their money. According to study done by Spectrem Group, more than half of Americans worth more than $25 million agree that saving and investing money gives more pleasure than spending it (CNBC). More often than not, when there is a large amount of money in a bank account, it sits, unused. Having money is a great asset to have, however; there comes a point when there can be too much. The same thing goes for rich foods. Having the luxury of enjoying rich foods is a fantastic thing to have, but it is often hard to finish an entire plate of rich foods. It is simply just too much. In life, it is always great to have more, having more is better than having less, but it is not always necessary to have the most.

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