Essay on Literature: Revelation by Mrs. Turpin

Essay on Literature: Revelation by Mrs. Turpin

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In the three short stories “Revelation” “Cathedral” and “Barn Burning”, each main character experienced an epiphany that led to a sudden realization that helped them to learn more about themselves and life. Each individual in each story went through a striking realization in a unique and unexpected way. They all looked at life with a different point of view before they went through epiphany. These three short stories focused mainly how each protagonist discovered a hidden apart of themselves that they did not know. Strong similarities are found between “Revelations” “Cathedral” and “Barn Burning” which is the inner battles each character lived with daily without realizing it. All three stories portray characters with wrong perspectives about their lives and are greatly impacted by epiphany. Mrs. Turpin, the narrator of Cathedral, and Sarty realized their narrowed depth of understanding and gained deeper perspective about their lives.
In Revelation, Mrs. Turpin is originally a self-satisfaction and judgmental person. She is very prejudiced towards people of different social classes and ethnicities. She thinks of herself superior to less wealthy people and especially toward “niggers. Mrs. Turpin speaks her judgments out loud the whole time she is talking people in the doctor office. “He had not made her a nigger or white-trash or ugly! He had made her herself and given her a little of everything. Jesus thanks you!” (O’Connor, page 324), this line indicates that Mrs. Turpin is an arrogance and self-satisfaction about herself. “If it’s one thing I am, It’s grateful” “when I think who all I could have been beside myself and what all I got….thank you Jesus…it could have been different” (page 325) This line clearly indicates that Mrs. T...

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... from committing unpleasant actions. After his father’s death, Sarty gained some inner peace through the line “His breathing was easier and he decided to get up and go on...” (Page 419) . Sarty knew what his father did was wrong but he still wants to live up with the expectation of loyalty of his dad by telling himself “He was brave!”(Page 419)
Each main character in each story gains a deeper perspective about life after a sudden turning point. At the end of each story, each character realizes how narrowed their perspective about life is and that everything is not always what it seems. Most importantly they all achieved the calmness that comes with inner peace. The inner peace they achieved gives them the courage to face up their own true identity. Epiphany helps them to find their path to self-awareness that helps them control the negative thoughts and doubts.

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