Literary Analysis : Dark They Were And Golden Eyed Essay

Literary Analysis : Dark They Were And Golden Eyed Essay

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During the the 1940’s the great depression was at full swing and World War 2 had just ended in 1945. These two events not only played a large role in history but may have also greatly influenced one of the greatest authors, Ray Bradbury. Ray Bradbury saw first hand the effects of the great depression and war and it’s evident that his writings “Dark They Were and Gold-Eyed.” Superficially it may seem like a simple and meaningless story about a family that traveled to Mars with the intent of of escaping the catastrophic war going on Earth and unfortunately became consumed by Mars and became martians as a result. But in reality the short short had many of the symbol such as wind, water and rocket and they were actually a intent to exploit various problems occurring during the time in which it was written.
Throughout the story, Ray Bradbury constantly reminds of the strong and harsh wind constantly circulating Mars and he did so we can grasp the importance of the wind. In the story wind was a symbol of change since it would literally change objects in the novel. We first learned of this when Harry noticed that the wind had dropped some peaches so then Harry grabbed the peaches and noticed they changed. In addition the winds force of change was so powerful in the novel that it affected non living things such as their house Harry claimed “Even the house. The wind 's done something to it. The air 's burned it.”(Bradbury 5) The wind indeed played a large role in the novel and it also ties to the what went on in the 1940’s. It’s very logical to assume that society was different before the Great Depression and World War 2 and that when those two events occurred there was a great change in...

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...failed in doing so just as humans humanely released the atomic bomb on Japan. Bradbury expressed his disapproval with that action because he lost a little hope in society when that occurred.
It’s clear that Ray Bradbury used a great deal of symbolism in short story “Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed,” such as that of wind, water, the bomb and the rocket. Bradbury used the wind to symbolize the change in the story but to also symbolize the change occurring in his time such as the of human rights. In addition, Bradbury used water to illustrate the inescapable change that occurred in the short story as well to that occurring with society in the time period. Lastly, Bradbury used atomic bombs and rocket to symbolize the good humanity and he ultimately talked about negatively. Bradbury proved once again to be truly effective in getting his message through to the audience.

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