Literal vs. Figurative Blindness Essay

Literal vs. Figurative Blindness Essay

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Many people make an assumption they are not blind to life itself whether ignorance plays a part or pride. In Cathedral by Raymond Carver, it describes a few myths that society has portrayed and opinions of the visual impaired. The main focus is getting to know the person before drawing a conclusion. Its not fair to anyone to be neglected whether you are visual impaired or have the functionality of what is considered to be a normal human being.
Exposing people to literal and figurative blindness is a true eye-opener.
In Raymond Carver’s story, Cathedral, depicts a charismatic twist as the husband, protagonist does not care to define the previous men that shared pivotal moments in his wife’s life, a name. He is irritated that his wife’s blind friend, is coming to see her. The characters drink and smoke weed throughout the story as Robert, blind man and his friend’s husband explores life in a universal experience of appreciating what you can not see. When you think of someone being visually impaired, it gives a feeling of adversity or not wanting to deal with them. In Cathedral, the husband mentions “In the movies, the blind moved slowly and never laughed” (Carver 209). This is such a stereotypical or vein expression that is rehearsed in today’s society. Literally, Its not a true statement.
When talking about someone being literally blind meaning “actually; in fact” (Agnes 838) blind or visual impaired.
Most visual impaired individuals come with the same complexities as normal people, but magnified because of what their disabilities. The birth defects automatically create stereotypes for some. Its seems to follow the visual impaired from birth. In the story, Understanding Raymond Carver by Authur M Saltzman, called the bli...

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