Essay about The Life of Saint Ignatius

Essay about The Life of Saint Ignatius

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Saint Ignatius’s life was from 1491-1556. He was born to Beltran de Onaz Loyola and Dona Marina Sanchez de Licona they were married in 1467. Ingnatuis father died when he was sixteen years of age, and there was no record of his mother’s birth or death. It is not known if Saint Ignatius ever saw or knew his mother. The reason for that belief was because he was nursed by a common woman who lived in one of the villages and her name was Maria Garin.
His grandfather, Don Juan Perez de Onaz, was married to Dona Sancha and they had to three children from that union, one of which was Saint Ignatius’s father Beltran, and two daughters. Don Juan Perez de Onaz also had two other children out of wedlock to a woman by the name of Hermosa. The history of his grandfather described him as being the pillar of the Loyola family. His grandfather had the reputation of being a powerful man, and the Loyola name was known as a powerful in their community. Upon the death of Don Juan Perez de Onaz, the power for this family also died. There was no mention of any relatives from his mother’s side of the family.
Saint Ignatius was the youngest of thirteen children. It was said that his oldest brother was thirty six years his senior. There were eight boys including Saint Ignatius and five girls. The oldest brother was Jaun, then there was Martin, Beltran, Ochoa, Hernando, Pedro (the priest), and Saint Ignatius. His sisters were Juaniza, Magdalena, Petronila, Sancha and two siblings born out of wedlock Jaun and Maria. He lived through the death of four of his brothers, and one brother Hernando disappeared in America and he was never seen again.
As we look at the history of St. Ignatius there is such a profound sense of grief and pain. He did not only ...

... middle of paper ... the message the author was trying to convey, or the image he may have attempted to create in the mind of this audience. The only analogy that comes to mind is, it was like “trying to find a needle in a haystack” it became very burdensome to try to navigate through this book in order to extract relevant information.
There were a few times that the author led his audience to believe that he would reveal more about Saint Ignatius, or God moving in his life, only to be disappointed. In an earlier attempt to complete a book review, the information obtained only provided a partial biography of Saint Ignatius. The information had to be extracted in order to gain a sequence of events, in an attempt to remain focused on the life of Saint Ignatius.

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