Life Of A Captive Orca Whale Essay

Life Of A Captive Orca Whale Essay

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If you were forced to live inside of a bathtub your entire life wouldn 't you get a little agitated? These words give insight to what is the tragic life of a captive orca whale in Seaworld. Beautiful and majestic creatures are turning into bloodthirsty bitter creatures due to the unnatural living environments they are forced in to. These animals are victims to the brutal tyrant that is Seaworld.
The orca whale is a highly social animal. Orcas form groups that are called pods which are anywhere from two to fifteen members. The young of the group are very protected by the mothers and never leave the pod unless to find a mate. Unfortunately companies like Seaworld are paying people called “Hunters” to trap the young orcas at the age of two. Taken away from their families, the baby whales are swiftly brought into the concrete pool in which they will spend the rest of their shortened lifespan. With no one of there pod to talk to they are stranded on their own.
The first adjustment that the newly captured orca must face is the lack of space in their new containment. Studies show that orcas travel around one hundred miles a day, yet the tanks in which they are enclosed are at longest one hundred feet long. An orca in captivity will traverse roughly 0.000001 percent of the water he would in the open ocean. Locked away in this tiny cage causes great agitation which is only furthering the angst in the whales.
The negative health effects of living in Seaworld is very obvious yet is completely disregarded by the employees. When speaking about the whales the speaker will blatantly lie about what is true. Some facts that they tell are: a collapsed dorsal fin is natural, life span of around thirty to forty years, and that they are getting b...

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...aumatic injuries by blunt force (Tilikum bashing her with his head). Well this raises a question as to why would Seaworld try to hide this if it really was just an “accident.” If it was just a one time thing, while tragic, it wouldn 't be that big of a deal. Unfortunately this was just one incident in a long chain of orca attacks while in captivity. It is evident danger for the trainers simply from looking at the past of “4 people have been killed and dozen more have been injured.” (
These wonderful whales should stay in there home. It is simply inhumane to keep them kept up in these tiny pools. These “killer” whales only get there title for being a threat to its natural prey, fish. In the wild when they are respected and admired from afar they are peaceful with humans. It is time that they return home where they belong. Seaworld needs to set them free.

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