Life Can Be A Fickle Mistress Essay

Life Can Be A Fickle Mistress Essay

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Life can be a fickle mistress; some things are as enduring as others are fleeting. This analysis delves into the life of Grace Lemon, uncovering the reasoning behind life changing decisions and the influence of her past. Grace’s memories will be looked at through a sociological perspective, and applying social theories to her occurrences, as well as employing Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development.

Grace Lemon is a forty nine year old single mother, currently living in a small town. Born and raised in Heathcote, she has a craving for learning and enormous love for her family. Grace’s self-proclaimed greatest moments include the completion of a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduates Diploma of Local and Applied History at the University of New England, along with raising her twelve-year-old twins, Charlotte and George. Grace fondly recounts her schooling days, constantly training on the squash court and competitively swimming, while excelling in her school studies. Following on, at the tender age of twenty one, swiftly marrying her first husband Bobby, she moved to Queensland. Continuing her life in Queensland was difficult, as she was losing connection to her family and ‘home base’. During this time, Grace completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History, as well as a Graduates Diploma in Local and Applied History.

Nine years later, after divorcing Bobby, and moving back to Sydney, Grace met her second husband, Jack. Suddenly marrying, Grace and Jack bought and renovated their first house. Grace’s children were conceived through in vitro fertilisation, born at Westmead hospital on February first, in two thousand and four. Grace and Jack divorced just short of the twins’ third birthday, their separation becoming less than a...

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...dentity achievement status was achieved in her mid to late forties, after the separation of her and Jack (Sigelman et al 2015, p.180). She believes there was a clear crisis experienced during their separation, and a commitment to future goals and values (Sigelman et al 2015, p.180). Papa and Lancaster’s (2015) article supports divorce impacts adjustment as they effect salient identities within an individual. With this knowledge it is clear Grace’s second divorce was a major role within her search for identity formation.

To conclude, Grace Lemon’s experiences have shaped her values, attitudes and identity. Erik Erikson’s human development theory (Sigelman et al 2015, p.74) is manifested throughout her experiences regarding social development, attachment and identities. This analysis was insightful by way of investigating significant concepts and theories in action.

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