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Life And Death Of Steve Jobs Essay example

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Life is very valuable, but is also extremely limited. Just think about it, we are only around for such a microscopic portion of the world’s existence. Therefore, one must live every day as if it was our last since our life has tremendous value. Steve Jobs discusses the idea of life and death in his brilliant 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford University, in which he presents these ideas in a clear, organized way by sharing three personal stories. The first story is about connecting the dots. The dots story concludes by saying that the dots in life will connect looking backwards, or in other words, everything happens for a reason, therefore trust in “your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” Steve Jobs then tells us that we must find what we love and everything will be okay. The second story deals with love and loss, Jobs backs his claim by describing his experience when he got fired from Apple which led to him finding his true love. The third story covers death. Jobs goes on to claim that death is inevitable and that one must not waste our time living someone else’s life. Instead, “follow your heart and intuition”.
The ups and downs of life are the dots that Steve Jobs refers to. Jobs essentially is stating that everything happens for a reason and that the small decisions we make can be looked back on and then one can truly see how these small decisions affect our future. He shares an interesting story about how taking a seamlessly worthless calligraphy class at Reed College helped him gain the knowledge for “multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts” which would lay the foundation for what inspired the “wonderful typography” that Mac computers have today. We can look back at a choices we made and how the...

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...e, especially with technology. Steve Jobs then talks to us about death, which can be a sensitive subject, but he covers it well. Jobs tells us that we must appreciate the life we have, since all of us will die someday and that we can not waste our time being unhappy by living a life for someone other than ourselves.
I could not agree more with everything that Steve Jobs has to say. He is a speaker that has definitely established his credibility, since he is a multi billionaire who seems to be loving every second of his life and seems to have a grasp on what the value of life really is. Steve Jobs is a very articulate man who gave a great speech and will forever be remembered as the man who started Apple. The value of life is unique to each and every person in this world, however one thing is for sure, life is short, therefore “ follow your heart and intuition”.

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