Essay on The Life and Achievements of Charles Wright Mills

Essay on The Life and Achievements of Charles Wright Mills

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Born on August 28, 1916 in Waco, Texas, to Charles Grover and Frances Ursula Wright Mills, Charles Wright Mills was brought up in a strict Catholic home. Rebelling against Christianity early into his adolescence, Mills later became known to be one of the greatest social scientists and a "merciless critic of ideology". Mills later graduating from Dallas Technical High School in 1934, discovered a great passion for engineering and architecture. From 1934 to 1935, Mills attended Texas A&M where he found himself extremely dissatisfied and decided to transfer to the University of Texas in 1935. Here, he evolved into an extraordinary student. By 1939, Mills was graduating with a bachelor's and master's degree in philosophy. He then attended the University of Wisconsin where he began studying Max Weber. It was than in 194 when he received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin. Mills' interests were "social stratification and the moral role of the intellectual."
Mills first academic position was located at the University of Maryland. It lasted approximately four years. Directly after leaving Maryland, Mills joined the Columbia University Labor Research Division of the Bureau of Applied Social Research. Although Mills was promoted to be an assistant professor at Columbia after only a year, it took ten more years before Mills was advanced to be a full professor. Between the time Mills was an assistant professor and a full professor, he was offered other positions. He refused them simply because of his belief that New York City was the core of United States intellectual activity. Mills taught sociology at Columbia University for the majority of his academic career. Mills longed to progress the science of sociolog...

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...ovement of production to off shore cheap labor and other factors have caused our labor forces to seek out new avenues of employment. Among American social scientists and social critics,
"Mills work has endured more than any other critic of his time."

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