LIES (under the microscope) AND THE LYING (as far as I’m concerned) LIARS (Republicans) THAT TELL THEM (all the time)

LIES (under the microscope) AND THE LYING (as far as I’m concerned) LIARS (Republicans) THAT TELL THEM (all the time)

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Al Franken has written a liberal masterpiece of epic proportions. If any individual should fail to understand the “obvious conservative bias in the media” or “the Bush Administrations total lack of competence and initiation of ‘Operation Ignore’” they need only to pick up Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them to get their facts straight.
From page one Al Franken launches into a very detailed, volatile, humorous, self-patronizing, and sometimes lewd all out assault on the extreme right. His first victim to fall is Ann Coulter, who I must admit, completely deserved the endless onslaught provided by Franken. His detailed fact-checking, word-twisting, humor and just-barely-good-enough-to-cover-his-own-derrière concessions made the entire section a rather informative, albeit, attack-based, vulgarity laced, read. The next individual on the chopping block was Bill O-Reilly who’s inspiring comments such as “He says he’s a satirist. If Franken’s a satirist then I’m Jennifer Lopez” and “shut up!” and “shut up!” and “Satire my butt.” and “SHUT UP!” fill the books review pages. Franken has such a high respect for O’Reilly that he even dedicates the book to him (after hastily crossing out the typed dedication to his wife and family). Franken then slowly but surely picks apart O’Reilly, the ‘No Spin Zone,’ FOX News Corporation, and O’Reilly’s life story in a comical, degrading, and insulting fashion that is sure to leave the reader rolling on the ground with laughter or head bursting like a cheap water balloon from fury. Regardless, anything and everything O’Reilly had ever come into contact with is essentially damned to hell and
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burned with sulfur by the time Franken reaches his climactic ending. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Fr...

... middle of paper ... else retorts with is false. Absolutes, normally in any form, should cause a reader concern and require deeper research before a verdict can be reached. That being said, despite his slightly slimy tactics (sadly much like the ones he condemns) Franken’s arguments are logical and convincing in their own satirical way. One might be slightly more inclined to believe the book and treat it as a Grail of sorts if they find themselves swimming in the liberal end of the political pool, whereas conservative swimmers would do everything to burn the book with any means necessary. For those who like to wade and splash around in the middle of the watering-hole, it’s a great read for all those interested in a funny, interesting, and excitably written piece. A word of the wise to all those who do pick it up though, in the words of Al Franken “Don’t believe everything you read.”

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