Essay about Library 2.0 in Academic Library: Librarians' Perception

Essay about Library 2.0 in Academic Library: Librarians' Perception

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Abstract. Library 2.0 consists of many applications which are based from the Web 2.0 application and tools. There are many Library 2.0 tools that can be applied in academic libraries and the use of Library 2.0 tools are varying according to its function which can benefit the academic libraries. The objective of this study is to investigate whether librarians in academic libraries are practising Library 2.0, their awareness level, use of Library 2.0 in their organisation, their acceptance toward Library 2.0 application in their organisation and to access if they face problems in using Library 2.0. The study will use quantitative approach which involves librarians from three academic university libraries. The result of this study will provide a significant view of academic librarian’s perception relating to Library 2.0 implementation which is useful for academic library future improvement.
Keyword: Librarian perception, Library 2.0, Academic library 2.0.
1. Introduction
Web 2.0 is becoming the essence in the Internet trend today. Web 2.0 was a concept coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004 which refers to a perceived second-generation of web based services such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies that emphasise online collaboration and sharing among users (Peltier-Davis, 2009). The term Library 2.0 was first introduced to the world by Michael Casey in his blog LibraryCrunch in 2005. The Library 2.0 was adopted from the Web 2.0 technology and its application into library environment. Library 2.0 can be defined as change in the interaction between users and libraries in a new culture of participation catalysed by social web technologies (Holmberg et al., 2009). There are many Library 2.0 tools that ...

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...w Review of Information Networking, 13(2), 11.
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