Essay about The Legend of Colton H Bryant

Essay about The Legend of Colton H Bryant

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I very much enjoyed The Legend of Colton H. Bryant by Alexandra Fuller. It captured me right away in the beginning scene of Colton racing away from the Kmart Kids on his bicycle. I loved how Colton could take a sad event and turn it into a lighter topic. For example, in the first chapter, Colton was being bullied and harassed. Even though he was crying, he made it lighter by chanting his mantra “‘Mind over matter. I don’t mind so it don’t matter.’” (Fuller 7) There are other examples of Colton behaving in this matter. This is an aspect that I enjoyed in reading this book. How she developed her characters and so on made me fascinated.
I need to practice making my characters constant and reliable for the reader. I need to be able to follow the growth of the specific character and to keep them in that character. I had trouble with this in one of my Creative Folder essays, The Frenzies of the Reflected. I had to go back and erase parts that I had written of the character because she kept jumping around. I learned to build her up through her thoughts and then when she was given an action, it wouldn’t seem out of character.
I believe that the purpose of this novel was to show the reader the unfairness and the reality of the big time oil corporations. Also, to show how the same oil companies are the center of the small town Colton grew up in. The author showed the reader of the unfairness of these companies as well as how much the people of those towns rely on the oil companies. They cannot work anywhere else partially because that’s all there is for the most part. This is shown here, “Colton was born with horses and oil in his blood like his father before him and his grandfather before that and maybe his grandfather’s father before t...

... middle of paper ... that also impacted me. I am now more aware of those things and actively look for them in my writing. These elements that Fuller uses that also contribute to her writing style include the rhythm of the language, figures of speech, punctuation, and character development, of which I have already explained in the earlier paragraphs. I usually write to develop my characters with every coming scene while also bringing meaning to the overall events. I try to make the type of language the characters uses, as well as the other aspects of dialog, to coincide with the build/reputation I have already given that character. I usually make my stories and characters reflect off myself; to me, my characters are normal with some sort of dilemma internally which they either do or don’t solve.

Works Cited

Fuller, A. (2008). The Legend of Colton H. Bryant . The Penguin Press.

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