The Legal Side of Pro Sports Lock Outs Essay

The Legal Side of Pro Sports Lock Outs Essay

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Kobe Bryant brings in $24.8 million a year, LeBron James gets $12.5 a year, and Alex Rodriguez takes home $27.5 million a year. Between three star athletes they make a combined almost $65 million dollars a year, not counting endorsements. The average salary in the United States according to a 2011/2012 survey is $47,000 (Average Salary). It is understood to most that the “job” of a professional athlete can be strenuous to the athletes themselves as well as their families, however to make a yearly salary of $27 million is a little excessive. In the state that today’s economy is in, there needs to be strict salary caps for professional athletes, not only to create more equality amongst Americans, but to bring more equality to the individual sports themselves.
A salary cap is basically how much a team is allotted to pay a player. The most recent news of salary caps were with the NBA lockout, however, salary caps have been around for a while. “Basketball was the first sport to cap salaries, in the 1984-85 season, and a similar restriction went into effect in football in 1994” (Staudohar). There are two types of salary caps, hard and soft. A soft salary cap, mostly used in the NBA gives teams a little bit of leniency of going over their cap when they are trying to re-sign players. A hard salary cap, most commonly used in the NFL and NHL, means that there are strict limitations to teams and what they are allowed to spend. What caused the issues with the NBA lockout was the fact that “owners were insisting on a hard salary cap of $45 million per player payroll for each team, reduced from the current soft cap of $58 million” (LEXISNEXIS NBA CAPS UNHAPPY).
There are pros and cons with figuring out salary caps and the rules and regulati...

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...journal/post/2009/11/30/Level-the-Playing-Field-Consider-State-Taxes-when-Developing-Salary-Caps-in-the-Major-Sports.aspx Searched Professional Sports and Salary caps in the library database…. Clicked on #3 salary caps not a good thing for NBA or fans Detroit News.

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