Lecture 40 : The First Year Of Fighting Essay

Lecture 40 : The First Year Of Fighting Essay

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Lecture 40: The First Year of Fighting
1. Reviewing the factors covered in this lecture, how would you access each side’s chances for victory?
For the North/US, there was more experienced military men than in the south, or according to Lecture 40, “five-to-two advantage in military-age manpower (1).” Plus manufacturing was more outstanding than in the South, and US had a regular army and navy. This would help the US gain victory due to the men to be more experienced, have more supplies, and have a better army and navy. Plus, U.S. Grant captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, which would open river routs into the Confederate Union. Thus, with all this information in mind, the US had more chance of a victory than the Confederacy. This would be due to the fact there is more proper unity within the military, more supplies, and more advantage of river routes. Eventually, this would lead to US to win the Civil War.
As for the South/ Confederate Union, the union did not need to take over the US Union to win, defend more home ground land, and a greater advantage to their geographic size. The south constructed more strategic strategies to take over the US Union. Lecture 40 states, “Winfield Scott’s Anaconda Plan, which proposed to split the Confederacy in two, provided a blueprint for U.S. victory…..The campaign’s strategy and tactics anticipated later battles (3).” Unlike the US, the Confederacy was more strategic plans, but did not capture forts like U.S. Grant did. The weakness of the Confederacy was the lack of industries due to the fact there was more plantations than factories. Even though the Confederacy put up a good fight, the amount of resources and skillful soldiers would eventually led to a loose in the Civil War.
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... show much genuine national leadership, which could be because he was almost like a dictator, than a president. All in all, being an unsuccessful president, would lead to an unsuccessful nation.
6. Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation, and what were its effects?
As a Republican President, most of the Republican Party wanted to ban slavery because slavery was found to be morally wrong. Also, the act of slavery and the expansion of slavery should be abolish from the US territory. The effects the Emancipation Proclamation had was that slaves from the South escaped to be in the North, which increased morality in the North. The positive effect it had was the fact that the British resisted joining the war to support the South. In the beginning of the war, the North motivation was to preserve their nation, but then their perspective changed to end slavery.

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