Lebron James Of The Cleveland Cavaliers And Kobe Bryant Essay

Lebron James Of The Cleveland Cavaliers And Kobe Bryant Essay

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Throughout history, there have been certain controversial topics that have left humans divided. An example of a controversial topic in the world that affects all of us, can be found in the Canadian election ,when Canadians left divided on whom they believe is fit to be the leader of their country. Basketball’s biggest league, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has it’s own election like topic that divides the fans of the NBA with the question: Who is the most impactful NBA player of this era? LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers are the front runners for the answer to the question and while there is a solid body of evidence for both sides, the evidence leans towards LeBron. Therefore, on account of LeBron James’s impact on the NBA, on the world and on how the game of basketball is played, LeBron is a more impactful player of this era than Kobe Bryant.

Due to LeBron’s impact on the NBA, he is a more effective player than Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant has had quite a substantial effect on the NBA throughout his illustrious career .He came into the league as a renowned high school player and thanks to him being drafted by a big franchise in a big city (Los Angeles Lakers) and having a superstar often compared to superman to mentor him (Shaquille O’Neal) Kobe would eventually evolve into a superstar forever remembered in NBA history due to his prolific scoring, competitive spirit and ability to perform under pressure. There is no denying Kobe’s status as a legend however, simply put, LeBron has achieved as much Kobe did when he was Lebron’s current age (Lebron is six years younger) and he excelled where Kobe failed to succeed. LeBron didn’t have a mentor to back him up, he didn’t have...

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...es." Stats, Video, Bio, Profile.).
To conclude this paragraph, due to Lebron’s influence on the game of basketball in comparison to Kobe Bryant, he is a more impactful player on this era.

LeBron has a solid decade left in him versus Kobe is playing in his last year, this year, so chances of LeBron eclipsing records set by Bryant are plausible. On the grounds of LeBron James’s influence on the NBA by playing at the highest level with the most pressure on him, his positive change inflicted on the world by using his powerful voice that comes with his employment, and his effect on the way basketball is played based on his extraordinary size, speed and intelligence, Lebron James is more of an impactful player on this era than Kobe Bryant. The fact that this era has a leader who can lead people outside of sports is a gift that will hopefully inspire the next generation.

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