Learning Different Management Styles Will Measure Make You A Better Manager

Learning Different Management Styles Will Measure Make You A Better Manager

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Some business owners have a desire to run a company like a military unit. The business owner understands, almost instinctively, that there are unique management strategies that military organizations employ to accomplish difficult missions. And perhaps die in the attempt. To sacrifice the last full would be, to say the least, a motivated employee. Learning different management styles will measure make you a better manager because successful applications of the theories in practical business differ depending on the situation at the given moment.
Throughout this course of study in Introduction to Management the most valuable things learned was how mangers have to plan, be organized, become a leader and oversee the controls of business. Each and every one of these functions are vital to the success of any kind of business. Without these essential keys the managers, employees as well as the company cannot be prosperous. Mangers in the 21st century must know what motivates their employees and how to utilize that drive to their advantage. Managers also have to be excellent communicators. With technology moving at such a rapid speed they must know who to effectively and efficiently communicate between the employees and their bosses. Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Tappe states that communication both up and down the chain of command is essential for any organization, including the military, to be successful.
There is a lot we can learn from how the Navy and their special OPS team the Navy Seals like team work being a top priority, early leaders are good leaders, excel at ethics, staying clam under pressure, hard times help us adapt (sometimes very quickly), know your competition and understand thanks will go wrong (Parr, 2013). Manager...

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...be engaged with our subordinates and not only listen to them but hear what they are saying. Managers should not dismiss problems without seeing them first hand. If the management team at General Motors had done this, if they had experienced for themselves what was happening with the ignition switch maybe they would have put more emphasis on finding a solution a lot sooner than they did and could have saved countless lives.
Military personnel will march into hell for a heavenly cause, but only because they will move with those they trust, with discipline and flexibility. A great manger can get the same results from their employees with the proper motivation, understanding, and leadership skills. Differing managerial styles and understanding and applying alternative theory’s is vital for managers as they deal with ever changing environment and unique situations.

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