Leadership and Diviersity in the Nature of Work Essay

Leadership and Diviersity in the Nature of Work Essay

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Leadership is the process in which one person support others to attain a desirable common goal, in other words a leader is the one who directs others. According to Northouse “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”Northouse(2004).
In this task I am appointed as a business manager of Venture health care centre which faces lots of complaints for its poor performance regarding medical services from past 2 years. In this essay I choose to discuss about one issue related to the high level of staff dissatisfaction, absenteeism and turnover.
There are various reasons for high level of staff dissatisfaction, absenteeism and turnover one of the major reason for these problems is the salary ,sometimes the workers are underpaid but having a excessive workload as compare to their salary packages, they are not much satisfied with this so they move to another company as they pay more to them. Another contributed factor to it is Lack of interest as in this Monotonous work schedules causes the boredom, so employees does not show any interest in the work and it will ultimately lead to the poor performances and to get rid from the boredom they always want to move .Another key factor is extra Work load .sometimes employees have to do a lot of work more than their capacities it makes stressful condition for them and they lose concentration from their work and not able to do work properly, so due to that stress they quit their jobs. Group cohesion is the main factor in which the group has so many conflicts related to race, sex, gender and religion that might make difficult for worker to staying together in a group.
Sometimes the c...

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...garding work and also they can share their other personal problems which they cannot share in group meetings. Questionnaire one of the effective method to evaluate the strategy is questionnaire method. In this I will choose different types of questions related to services which are provided by the hospital .Moreover I can compare this with past and current records which will help me to know the improvement in services.
So in the nutshell I would like to state that a good leader should have diversity in nature of work, he or she should be trustworthy, helpful, cooperative, and confident and should have positive attitude towards employees and other team members. We always have to try to provide better services to our customers. In this essay I have learned how to analyze the problem according to situation and how to solve them by making possible strategies.

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