The Last Voyage of Sindbad and Sailor

The Last Voyage of Sindbad and Sailor

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Sindbad travelled peacefully for a couple of weeks, but one day, while they ship crew and Sindbad were sailing in China Sea. A violet wind struck the ship, drenching them with torrents of rain. As Sindbad and the crew prayed to Allah to protect them from the storm and what is going to happen. The crew his covered their equipment to save it from getting ruined. As the captain stared at Sindbad and the crew with expression of blank despair, beat his face and plucked the hairs of his beard. "Pray to Allah," the captain cried, "that He may save us from the peril into which we have fallen!" As the captain opened one of his cabin chests and took from it a small cotton bag filled with ashlike powder. He sprinkled some of the powder over the water. The captain said they are approaching Realm of kings. Suddenly the ship was tossed high up and then disappeared.
With Allah's help Sindbad clung to a piece of wood which had fallen from lost vessels. As mighty waves took have for nights and days till he reached island that has fruits, which he took as supplies and continued his journey. He has found a tree which he cut a used it as ship. Sindbad suddenly been caught by net. Old man took Sindbad. The old men took care of Sindbad till he got his health back. The old man took Sindbad to the baths of the city, where he was washed with perfumed water. Then the old man took Sindbad to his house. The host left Sindbad in noble chamber, with number of slaves to help him. The kind old man entertained Sindbad in this fashion for three days. When Sindbad recovered completely the old man visited him in the chamber and started conservation. Just before leaving the room, he turned and said: "if you wish to sell your merchandise, my friend, I will gladly come down with you to the market-place."
Sindbad sold his merchandise which was a piece of wood that he came with it. The item was sold in a bid for eleven hundred dinars. One day while Sindbad and old man were talking, the old man said: "My son, pray grant me a favour." "With all my heart," Sindbad replied. The old man wants Sindbad to marry his daughter who will be by herself and all his belongs will go to her.

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As Sindbad marries the old man daughter he will get all the wealth and become the new chief of the merchants. When Sindbad married the old man's daughter they grew love to each other, and lived together in happiness and contentment. After the old man death Sindbad inherited all his possessions. His slaves became Sindbad's slaves and old man goods became his. Sindbad was appointed to become chief of merchants.

One day, Sindbad discovered that every year the people of the land experience changes in their bodies. All the men grow wings upon their shoulders and flew away for a whole day up in to the sky, leaving their wives and children behind. Sindbad was amazed and wanted to figure what the men do on that day every year. When that day arrived, Sindbad took tight hold of his friend's wrist. Sindbad and his friend flew higher and higher to the sky. Sindbad cried: "Glory and praise to Allah." At that moment his friend got mad and dropped Sindbad in a mountain, and cursed him with names. When his friend left him Sindbad, he saw two youths coming near to him and pointed to a certain path upon the mountain. When Sindbad reached the certain place. He asked his friend: "Is that how you leave a friend." Sindbad friend answer: "The word you said harms me." Sindbad promised not to harm his friend. When Sindbad returned he told his wife about his day. His wife told him: "There brother of the devil, they do not do the true god." Sindbad and his wife decided to sell their house and items there and move back to Sindbad hometown. They travelled day and night till they reached Basrah. Sindbad thanked Allah that he returned safe to his family and friends. Sindbad vowed he will never travel again

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