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Language, Culture And Ethnicity Essay

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Statement of Interest
As the number of Nepali people grows in Canada, so as the need to explore their language, culture and ethnicity. Nepalis are often overlooked, and are considered as Indians, and their ethnic identity, language and cultural heritage are undermined. Some of the dominant markers of Nepali identity and nationhood such as Mount Everest, The Buddha and the Hinduism are constantly challenged by various South Asian cultural discourses in the diaspora, as these markers are frequently linked to South Asian disapora, which in most cases, Indian diaspora. First, I plan to unpack the current debates on South Asian diaspora study/research and its universalizing approach to heterogeneous cultures, ethnicity and nationhood of South Asian countries. Secondly, I seek to explore and question the idea of nationhood and identity in modern nation-states, and the temporality and transitionality of identity across national boarders. And finally, I situate Nepali identity and nationhood both in South Asia and in the diaspora, and argue....investigate, ...
“I am from India”, says, Prema, a Nepali girl, immigrated to America in Manjuushree Thapa’s Seasons of Flight (2010), a novel I surveyed for one of my M.A. papers, “Home, Belonging and Diaspora: Manjushree Thapa’s Seasons of Flight and Nepali Identity Conflated with Indianness”. As indicated by its title, this research project explores a provocative but as of yet scarcely studied facets of Nepali identity in the diaspora, particularly in the South Asian diaspora study. I use the word “South Asian diaspora” rather deliberately because South Asian diaspora study has consistently undermined Nepali presence and its diverse cultural praxis in a wider range of diaspora studies. The exclu...

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...s and can not be seek a new, redefined interpretation.
I understand that my own experience as an immigrant living in Canada and seeking to bring the unheard issues and debates into the mainstream literary discourse largely relate to my desire of exploring diasporic identities, and the issues of migration and its complexities. The sense of loss and rootlessness have been significant issues in diaspora formation, and I feel that I could contribute significantly in reaching out to the discourses of minorities, and explore the richness of their literature and culture in the making of mainstream literary discourse. I am sure that my contribution on Nepali identity and the idea of a nation in South Asia and in the diaspora will be significant as this is a scarcely studied subject as of yet. My desire is to work for the creation of a respectable space for the difference.

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