Essay about Lament For A Son By Nicholas Wolterstorff

Essay about Lament For A Son By Nicholas Wolterstorff

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In spite the basic requirements for human’s survival, personal relationships should be added because not many people are able to function well without intimate relationship with other people or valuable things. Due to this fact, grief occurs when there is a loss either through death, divorce, and theft or when something valuable to an individual can no longer be reached. Grief is that period of time when loss is felt acutely, and the feelings of loss are still very raw to the person. This paper is based on the book of Lament for a Son which was written by Nicholas Wolterstorff, a collection of narratives by this author who is going through grief due to the premature death of his 25 years old son, Eric, who died by an accident when climbing a mountain. The narrator shows how the tragedy is overcome through faith in God, and laments in a way to inspire other people going thorough grief. This paper will analyze the five stages of grief as demonstrated the book of Lament for a son, also discussed herein is how Wolterstorff finds joy after his loss, the Christian description of the importance of death is discussed, and how Wolterstorff finds hope in faith of life after death of Eric.
Analysis of Lament for a Son and the five stages of Grief
Due to Eric’s death, Wolterstorff suffers an actual loss of a child and also symbolic loss of events that this child would have shared with the parents, including wedding, grandchildren, and birthdays. In the first stage of grieving, Wolterstorff demonstrates denial by wondering what would have happened if Eric did not go to climb the mountain. In the second stage of grief people start to believe something really happened and they start to come into reality. The narrator is feeling angry that he wen...

... middle of paper ... analyzed the five stages of grief as in the book of Lament for a son showing that grieving is a healthy reaction to a valuable loss, and the five stages of grief help one to examine what they are going through until acceptance. Also, the discussions proves how Wolterstorff finds joy after his loss by having faith in God and believe resurrection. The narrator accepts Eric’s death and to reconstruct life without Eric, but know that the wounds will remain. Christian description of the importance of death is discussed in details showing that Christians believe that death is a passageway to eternity. Christians have hope because God has promised life after death and meeting again with the dead. Like Wolterstorff narrated in the Lament for a son, there is hope that death will be overcome by faith in Jesus, but death still storms the world and takes away our loved ones.

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