Lady Macbeth´s Dynamic Shift in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay

Lady Macbeth´s Dynamic Shift in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay

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Macbeth Writing Assignment

Macbeth was a play written by a famous play writer, known as William Shakespeare. This play was set in Scotland and contains a variety of characters and themes. Lady Macbeth takes a major role in this play by accomplishing one main task, which is to help her husband become king. However throughout the play, things decide to turn into the wrong direction. Lady Macbeth’s dynamic shift goes from a cold blooded cruel woman to being a nervous, scared, sad and more civilized person which was a result of the crimes that her and her husband had committed. These have demonstrated the theme of never escape a crime and power. In the play, Lady Macbeth is referenced as a dynamic character that transitions throughout the play based on what is happening around her. This character is also known to be stronger, more ruthless, and more ambitious than her husband. This theme of the relationship between gender and power is key to Lady Macbeth’s character: her husband implies that she is a masculine soul inhabiting a female body, which seems to link masculinity to ambition and violence. However toward the end of the play guilt and remorse come to haunt her after their inadequate decision.

Power seems to be a major aspect when it comes to Lady macbeth. Throughout the play it appears that she has more power and ambition than an ordinary woman. “ Glamis thou art, and Cawdor; and shalt be What thou art promised: yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o' the milk of human kindness To catch the nearest way: thou wouldst be great; Art not without ambition, but without The illness should attend it: […] Hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits in thine ear; And chastise with the valour of my tongue All that impedes...

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...nd the image will not leave their head. “ You lack the season of all natures, sleep.” After all they both come to a conclusion that they are beginners when it comes to crimes and they must be careful for the future

To conclude this essay, Lady Macbeth is demonstrated as a dynamic character that goes through a big transition throughout this play. From a strong and ruthless person she instantly can turn into a weak and diminished person. Its the decisions that her and her husband had made that had led to the catastrophe. After all you can only have so much power for the longest time but eventually it may all break apart. Unfortunately for them the image had stayed in their heads not allowing them to sleep at night. In their minds they thought the actions would be kepis a secret, however as words being to spill the actions can perhaps change the view of everything.

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