Essay about The Lack of Known Women Artists in Pre-Modern Art

Essay about The Lack of Known Women Artists in Pre-Modern Art

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Did gender really have something to do with the fact that we do not know many past female artists? Sadly the answer is yes. It couldn’t have been because women were afraid to go outside the gender norm, which has been proven in years past that, that is not the case. One thing I noticed during my research is that every woman I discovered had some sort of male counterpart that her work could be compared to or at least they came from some artistic backgrounds such as a father who was an artist. If you weren’t related to an artist as a woman you would have no luck in the art industry. The subject of feminist art is a difficult one, because of the problems defining it. Before feminist movements, women who wanted to be taken seriously as artists had to leave their gender out of their art.

For too many centuries, women who've endeavored to make art have been seen as peculiar or eccentric. Being taken seriously as an artist often meant that whoever she was, could not be taken seriously as a woman. The sort of woman who did the “right” thing: managed a pleasant home for her man and then procreated like crazy. It was all right if a woman wanted to keep herself busy doing needlework or even painting some flowers. But, as far as serious art went, that was the exclusive to the domain of men. Women, and everybody “knew” this in the times, were not capable of artistic brilliance. This is both wrong and extremely unfair, but that's the way it was. In reality being an artist wasn’t exactly a profession anyone wanted until the Italian Renaissance made it acceptable and even then it wasn’t particularly a career a parent wanted his or her son to partake in. However, if you were taken into an apprenticeship it meant that you had a chance at making ...

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