Kinship Within The United States Essay

Kinship Within The United States Essay

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2. One of the ways kinship is acquired is by affinal kinship, which is established through marriage or alliance, not through biology or common descent. For example, a stepchild is gained by when you marry an individual that already has children. People who are regarded as being a part of a family even though they are not related by blood, or even marriage is called fictive kinship. For example a friend you have known for a long time, when introduced he/she is called brother or sister or even cousin. Another example is lineal kinship. This type of kinship is a person related by direct line of descent. For example, a father’s father, or a son’s son. All of these examples of kinship are present in the United States. The benefits of kinship outside of biological or marriage relations are the ability to maintain family connections and cultural traditions of another individual or family. In my home I have a friend who I call brother not because we were born of the same mother but because I have known him since pre-k. I am also called son by hi mother because of that relation between her son and I. In the United States another way of acquiring kinship is by adoption, Adoption is to take a child of other parents legally as your own child.

3. In a church I used to attend, a potlatch was organized after evening church service. It allowed the many diverse cultures that were present in the church to bring foods that they consider a well-known dish from their country. It allowed us to eat foods from Africa, Puerto rico, Haiti, panama, and many more. Examples of gift giving happens in my society during Christmas and your birthday. During Christmas friends and family come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus by giving gifts to each other. O...

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...l countries like most African countries and low-income South American countries are the less developed and are dependent on core countries for capital and are less industrialize and urbanize. These countries are failing because of lack of technology, unstable government. They also have low literacy and poor health systems. Semi-peripheral countries like Mexico, Brazil, India and Nigeria are less developed than the core nations but more developed than the peripheral nations. Even though they are the weaker members of the “advanced” regions or the leading members of the farmer colonials ones but they allow innovative technology, and reforms In social and organizational structure. Those changes can enable semi-peripheral countries to become a core nation. The world economy or global economy is the economy of the world, considered as an international exchange of goods.

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