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In First Samuel chapter eight the Israelites request a king to reign over them. God appoints a man who’s name is Saul. He first appears as a typical young man who belongs to the small tribe of Benjamin. When he is appointed king he is somewhat intimidated by his new task. However, over time he experiences a series of events that make him a selfish, envious, and a power hungry ruler, and eventually insane. This development in his character starts from his son Jonathan’s disobedience to his orders, but its main source is his jealousy of David’s successfulness on the battlefield, and his failed attempts at killing David.
The first time we meet Saul he is sent by his father to go look for their lost donkeys. After looking and not finding the donkeys, he wants to go home, because his father might be worried. “Let us turn back, or my father will stop worrying about the asses and begin to worry about us.” (1 Samuel 9:5) This is an ordinary reaction that an ordinary person would have to this situation. From Saul’s first utterance it is obvious that he is an average man who was worried about his father. Alter states that a biblical character’s first utterance is the defining moment of a character. However, from the moment of Saul’s first remark to the day of his death he changes drastically.
Saul tells the Israelites that “Cursed be the man who eats any food before night falls and I take revenge on my enemies.” (1 Samuel 14: 24) However, Saul’s son Jonathan did not hear Saul’s declaration. When he spots honey spilt on the ground he tastes it and “his eyes lit up.” (1 Samuel 14:27) Although the other troops warned him that Saul had forbidden eating, Jonathan did not regret his decision in disobeying his father’s orders. “My fath...

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...with him, and he knew that David was better fit for a king. Saul knew he could not stay king as long as David was around. Saul attempted to kill David many times. Each time he would fail. Every failure brought Saul closer to snapping.
In chapters twenty-four and twenty-six David has two opportunities to kill Saul. Each time he spares Saul’s life, but he leaves a mark to let Saul know that he could have killed Saul. The first time David cuts part of Saul’s robe. The second time David takes Saul’s spear and his ______________________. David was playing with Saul’s mind. Saul was powerless in comparison to David. Saul had been determined to kill David, but each time he would fail. David gets two chances to kill Saul, and he spares Saul both times. Saul was no match for David and he knew it. Saul realizes he is unable to get rid of David, because God is with him.

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