Essay on Karl Marx And Max Weber

Essay on Karl Marx And Max Weber

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Karl Marx and Max Weber are two of the most significant and influential theorists and sociologists of the 19th century. Both examined very similar ideas but had very different conclusions and are now famously known as ‘The Founding Fathers of Sociology’. One of the Crucial contributions to sociology is both sociologists views and findings on class and equality. Karl Marx found that class was categorised by the means of production. Almost half a century later Max Weber contrasted, class was based on three things Power, Wealth, And Prestige.
Throughout this assignment I will compare and contrast the views in which Karl Marx and Max Weber had on the sociological importance of the economy. I will gather evidence from various sources to show both theorists views on, Sociological importance on the economy.

Karl Marx was a born in Germany but the majority of his working career was spent in London. He was a philosopher, sociologist, and economist. It was in London he where he worked and collaborated with Friedrich Engels. Both Marx and Engels wrote Das Kapital which was published in 1867. Das capital: Kritik der politishen oekonimie. This translates as – Capital: Critique of political economy. It has been stated to be one of the most influential pieces of work. “One of the most influential documents of modern times, looking at the relationship between labour and value, the role of money, and the conflict between the classes” (PhilPapers: Online research in philosophy, 2014). Cohen and Kennedy’s book - Global Sociology states that Marx had predicted that capitalist exploitation would create conditions which were extremely Militant working to foster a revolution and introduce socialism (Ferrante-Wallace and Ferrante, 2005).

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...hts. Weber sees it as introducing bureaucracy who stand between the bourgeoisie and the exploitation of the proletariat. Weber, unlike Marx has a more relaxed approach when explaining social phenomena. We can witness this approach in Weber 's treatment of class.
Weber is arguing that it is not just family back ground, education, or culture and beliefs that are important factors in the determination of class.
From the sociological evidence it appears that Weber emerges as the better theorist. He has a better and wider more varied explanation of the complexities of modern stratification, whereas Marx appears to focus on one fundamental model which is based on his own analysis of capitalism as exploitation of the proletariat. Weber 's theories on class and stratification prove that other dimensions of stratification, besides class, have great effect people 's lives

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