Essay about Justice in George Orwell's 1984

Essay about Justice in George Orwell's 1984

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Justice in 1984

The concept of justice is an important subject in George Orwell’s 1984. Justice is defined according to Plato as “the interest of the stronger”. Justice plays a big role in 1984’s society. Justice is understood differently by the protagonists of the text than how it is represented by the societies in which they live.

In the novel 1984 by Orwell, an extremely controlling totalitarian government called The Party, rules the society. They have introduced Telescreens which monitor your every movement, conversations and any other action. The citizens of Oceania, located on Air Strip One, are psychologically manipulated to believe in the three main slogans of the party: ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength’ (1948, Orwell). The citizens of Oceania are so brainwashed that they don’t question anything the party tells them or any new law they make. Thought crime occurs when someone does not fully agree and follow what the Party has said. People who commit crimes become unpersons; therefore, they stop existing, and any record of their existence is erased or they can be sent to the ministry of truth, where The Party will try to break them, and force them to love Big Brother. This is very relevant because in order to serve justice which according to them is having everyone love the Party and nothing else, everyone else must be eliminated or brainwashed. The use of technology in this novel is very important because it is the main way in which justice is carried out. Telescreens, microphones and cameras cover the whole nation. Every conversation is recorded and every action is taken note of. The government will make anything to keep their power.

The laws in Oceania are administered to keep order. A totali...

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...ion between the audiences because it makes it relatable; "If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death”(1948, Orwell). This is a personification, giving it a figure of a monster.
Justice is merely subjective and it’s represented with different perspectives in the novel, it depends on the context of the society and willingness of the citizens of Oceania to make their own justice against the laws set by the government. In 1984 by Orwell, he tries to warn the audience of what the world would be like if there was a totalitarian government. He depicts justice being served as something bad, because justice in this novel refers to the following of the laws and not moral justice.

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