The Journey Of Two Archetypal Heroes Essay

The Journey Of Two Archetypal Heroes Essay

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The Journey of Two Archetypal Heroes
The hero’s quest is a literary spectacle that proved to be versatile in its key ideas, as the plot has shown up in ancient texts, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, and continues to form the basis of the literary works of international writers. In Mesopotamia, the first literary work that represented the hero’s quest was established and the scripture read about a conceited king, Gilgamesh, ultimately facing and escaping the perils of death for the time being only to be reborn, in a mental sense, as a new ruler that finally understands why the gods would grant him absolute supremacy over the people of Mesopotamia. Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, allowed him to intertwine his own hero to the ancient Mesopotamian story. The hero’s quest can be applied to virtually any hero, time and place in the world. Writers in the modern era continue to incorporate their own characters because readers alike relate to these heroes portrayed, even when it seems impossible to have anything in common with a hero when the readers are average people. A modern adaptation in the form of a movie, Mulan, showcases the struggles of an unlikely female hero, Mulan, that not only embodies the basic hero’s quest, but she also brings to light events that have shaped and evolved societies in history. These ever so changing versions of the hero’s quest will continue to mold to the societies that produce them.
The ultimate heroes of the hero’s quests perceived throughout history continually begin as ordinary people that readers do not distinguish or cannot imagine them to have any heroic capabilities. At their births, heroes are already perceived as a special person destined for greatness, even if it isn’t specif...

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...ror from imminent doom; she decided to dress as a woman with soldiers: Ling, Yao, Chien Po, and Shang in order to defeat the guards of the palace. After moving past a simple barrier, Mulan is faced with her possible death while fighting with the Hun army leader, Shan Yu. With the help of her mentor, Mushu, Mulan is able to launch a rocket to destroy Shan Yu. Gilgamesh truly realised that his life destiny was not to become immortal when he lost the eternal plant to a serpent that was nearby. Mulan and Gilgamesh face the final steps of their destinies, as well as who they have become and the emotions they are capable of holding within themselves.
The preeminent reward that prevailed in both quests was not that which was physical, instead it was the mental understanding gained by each hero after enduring obstacles and having the courage to press on with their journeys.

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