Jimmy Santiago Bac A Closed Net Family Essay

Jimmy Santiago Bac A Closed Net Family Essay

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Jimmy Santiago Baca was born into what seemed a closed net family. He had a mother and father along with siblings. From the outside world looking in, they seemed like the ideal family. The Baca 's even had extended family nearby to help with needs and to keep a close relationship with one another. Although Jimmy 's parents were together for many years, their family did not end up how Jimmy or the siblings wanted it to. A close net family is the first that babies and toddlers learn from. The family is who shows you the first words you learn to speak, how to take your first steps, your first everything. When you love and respect your family members, especially your parents you end up under the same influences and beliefs as them and ultimately stay in the same type of environment they grew up in.
At first glance, Jimmy and his family seemed to be the ideal closed net family. Mother and father were married and it was young love. If you take a closer look into the family you can discover that his father was an alcoholic. He would be gone for days at a time from the family. He was constantly in and out of jail. His father could not keep a job. After a while of drinking he became abusive, physically and verbally to Jimmy 's mother and eventually he would become abuse to Jimmy and his siblings. The more his father drank the angrier and sadder he would become. When he wanted to lash out at the mother he would take Jimmy and drive while he was drunk. Jimmy would eventually fall asleep to try and forget the fear that came with his father’s drunkenness and reckless drinking. It was a cycle that he would not break. His mother was also destroying the family by having an affair throughout some time during their marriage. She was absent ...

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...fraid of intimacy. “I was in love—no, not in love, but possessed with her.” (Baca. 41) He didn’t know about love or how to love. He had even asked Lonnie to marry him but could not tell her that he loved her. His parents only showed him hatred and showed him what they both didn’t want him. He tried to break that chain with his family but he always remembered his parents. He was always having flashbacks to his childhood.
Despite all the trouble that his parents put him through, he still had love for them both. His mother never came back for him and his siblings but he did not despite her regardless of her abandonment. He grew up on his own but still respected his parents and always wanted to keep in touch with them even if it never happened. He did not want to grow up in the same environment as them. He wanted a happy home but it never seemed to be granted to him.

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