Essay on Japanese Women During The 20th Century

Essay on Japanese Women During The 20th Century

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Most of the Japanese migrated to Hawaii for job opportunities in the early 20th century. The men experienced pull factors because they knew if they moved to America, specifically Hawaii, they would get jobs in sugar cane fields. Women tended to migrate from Japan due to not being able to get married in Japan. In the movie Picture Bride, Riyo worked in Tokyo during and after both her parents died from tuberculosis. Unfortunately in Japan, if your parents or family members has/had tuberculosis it would be impossible for you to get married or even be apart of a community. As a woman in Japan, to survive she had to get married. Her only option was to have an arranged marriage in America. Her grandmother assured her that this was the best options for her because no one in America will know her past and she will be able to shed that image of herself away. According to Different Mirrors by Ronald Takaki, Japanese women represented 46% of Japanese immigrants by the 1920’s. The Japanese both women and men spread throughout America to provide farm labor. Working in the farms was physically hard but also there was tension between some ethnicities in the fields. For example, the Japanese and Philippines had tension between them because they had different pay. Some of the bosses even pitted some ethnicities against each other to prevent them from getting strong enough to fight them for better pay and better working conditions. The Japanese farmers were treated pretty poorly. “In the old country, workers had names that connected them to their family and community; but in Hawaii, they had become numbers. They resented this new impersonal identity. Laborers were “treated no better than cows or horses” one of them recalled.” (A Different Mirror, 2...

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... American women and men faced huge challenges that caused them to develop a close knit community. Though they did have a close knit community there still wasn’t any pride in being a black person. That was until Marcus Garvey instilled black pride in African Americans. Marcus Garvey had realized that people believed that black is inferior. He found this insulting and started speaking out about it. He motivated them to get their own black banks so they could handle their own races money, and he got them to question where their black president is, their black army/navy is, etc, (A Different Mirror, 326) Moving to North drove African Americans into black consciousness because many of them realized that although they were free and not segregated by law, that they were still treated inferior. Also, being able to get a good education helped them gain black consciousness.

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