Japan And Brazil : Economics And Demography Essay

Japan And Brazil : Economics And Demography Essay

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Japan and Brazil – Economics and Demography
Japan is a very populous country, ranking as 10th most populous with more than 125 million people. Looking back to 1990, Japan had a relatively young population, however; even then, the age distribution was still older than other developed countries such as the United States and France. Japan’s historical trend of having a relatively old age distribution has continued into the present day, currently Japan’s population pyramid is very top-heavy, with more than ¼ of the population in the old age cohort. The Japan’s fertility rate has been low for many years, it has not reached the replacement level of 2.1 births per woman since the mid-1970s, and it is even currently as low as 1.41 births per woman, placing it in the bottom 15 countries in the world in respect to fertility rates. In the demographic transition, Japan is in the final stage, as the death rates have begun to overtake the birth rates. Japan’s growth rate has also historically been extremely low, dropping into negative growth as early as 2004. This can be attributed to factors such as Japan’s extremely low crude birth rate, and also its very low immigration rate. Japan’s crude birth rate is 8 per 1000 people, ranking as the third lowest CBR in the world. Immigration to Japan is also very low, which can possibly be attributed to its geographic remoteness and its already high population density.
Japan is an incredibly prosperous developed country, having the 3rd highest GDP in the world. Japan also possesses a post-industrial economy, with its service sector composing more than 70% of its GDP. However, Japan’s demographics provide a unique economic challenge; the working class will have to support an increasingly old population....

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...untries have universal healthcare.
As can be expected of countries with histories as dissimilar as Brazil and Japan, differences between the two countries are abundant. Although both countries’ economies have large service sectors, Brazil’s economy also has a large agricultural sector, which contributes greatly in shaping the Brazilian economy. In contrast, Japan’s second largest economic sector is its industry. Another dissimilarity between the countries is the level of development. Brazil is seen as a newly developed country, and thus faces many of the problems that developing countries face, such as poor public health and dependence on global commodity prices. Contrary to Brazil’s status as a newly developed country, Japan is one of the most highly developed countries in the world, and as such, is not affected by the same problems that developing countries face.

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