The Issues Facing Women Within The Criminal Justice System Essay examples

The Issues Facing Women Within The Criminal Justice System Essay examples

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Have you ever observed that we are all somewhat living in some aspect of segregation, depending on our gender, race and class? How do these by-products of society shape the experiences of women in the criminal justice system? As we know that our criminal justice system constructs what a crime is, and who criminals are, which in turn often leads to discrimination against those who manifest the defined criminal characteristics. As such, it allows the media to perpetuate these stereotypical perceptions of criminals in the minds of the public. This approach allows the over-criminalization of vulnerable women and diminishes the chances to help the public truly understand the role of socio-economic disparities, which in essence predisposes an individual to crime. In this paper, I will analyze 'Orange is the New Black ', to analyze the depictions of women convicted of a criminal offence. Each occurrence will address the larger issues facing women within the criminal justice system. In addition, this paper will attempt to link systemic biases, as a potential cause of unjust treatment faced by incarcerated women. These findings will adequately illustrate how the media preserves and transmits hegemonic agendas with which dominant groups subjugate the rights of the less privileged.

Approximately 73% of female prisoners incarcerated in state facilities have some variation of mental illness. A growing number of this prison population includes elderly women, who are often released from prison without any supervision or care on so-called 'compassionate grounds '. When released, elderly women may not have a caregiver to look after them this may lead to worsening of their symptoms, and can place them at greater risk of homelessness, and potent...

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...he audience’s interpretation of what it means to be a Black women in prison.

A research conducted on the shows ‘NYPD Blue’ and ‘Law & Order '; found that the unfair depiction of Blacks in offender roles paints a false reality in the minds of the audience, and may cause them to express these racist attitudes in the real world. That is, even if blacks are not disproportionately shown in the media as offenders, their portrayals may still lead to racism. Karlene Faith, author of 'The Politics of Confinement & Resistance, ' articulates similarly she suggests that media socially constructs racial stereotypes, which are then reinforced in society through and influences people’s view of what it means to be a criminal. We should be aware that although media is often a mirror of the status quo, it is also in large part participating in the social construction of reality.

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