Issues Facing The Property Of A National State Or Government Taking A Private Property For Public Use

Issues Facing The Property Of A National State Or Government Taking A Private Property For Public Use

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There are so many issues in regards to real estate. One of the most concerning issues seems to be Eminent Domain. Eminent Domain is the power of a national state or government taking a private property for public use. An example would be building roads, schools, malls, or even highways. Is Eminent Domain really being constantly abused? I believe so since i decided to write about this issue. The land can be taken with no argument as long as it is used for the "public good". That makes it ok some how. When the property is taken the government pays you a price that they believe is fair market value. Sometimes they are paying them more. People are practically being forced off of their land so their homes can be replaced by more expensive homes and bigger buildings. Imagine finally living in your dream home after years of searching and saving and being practically dragged out. I am all for obeying rules but i do not believe this is morally right.
Now people are starting to stand up and try to put a stop to this issue. I read an article about a couple named Jim and Joanne Saleet who are just refusing to give up their property without a fight. This couple has been living in this house for 38 years. This house is all they know. It is their life. The house is located in Lakewood, Ohio in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The city is trying to replace it with more expensive condominums which will allow them to earn more money from taxes. The City of Lakewood would make their profit off of property taxes. So the question is how is this for the "public good"? The Saleets have worked so hard to have this beautiful home. Jim Saleet and his wife Joanne paid this house off and they wanted to retire in it and pass it along to their children. They ...

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...CSL webite and looked at the Eminent Domain Overview. The laws fall into these categories: 1) restricitng eminent domain for economic development, enchancing tax revenue, and/ or transferring private property into another private entity. 2) defining public use. 3) establishing additional criteria for designating areas. 4) strengthening public notice, public hearing and landownder criteria, and requiring local government approval for condemning area. 5) requiring compensation at greater than market value. This is a start.
Eminent Domain is an ongoing issue and we should put a stop to it. Compensation usually limts the land owner. Wasted time is worth more than wasted money. People are forced to sell what they do not want to sell. I could not imagine my childhood home being taken away from me and my family. It is selfish and it all comes down to money. Which is sad.

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