The Issue Of Health Care Fraud Essay

The Issue Of Health Care Fraud Essay

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Health care fraud is the most important area to be analyzed as it put a great impact over US health care system. The reason behind the increasing cost is healthcare fraud. Increasing cost can be considered as the most visible factor in this term. US health care system is continuously using money over the health care system in order to make it better and protect patient from getting ill. Therefore, they have faced millions of challenges and for that they have spent more than 2.27 trillion dollars over the health care and 4 billion over health insurance. But these insurance claims turned about fraudulent (The Challenge of Health Care Fraud, 2014).
In my essay I am going to elaborate about the types of frauds, and my thesis statement here lies as “Types of frauds and committed by whom in health care system? Who can be suspected for this act and what can we do for future to remove these fraudulent?”
The Impact Of Fraud On Health Care Cost
A) Increase In Cost For Lots Of Americans:
Fraud has a great impact over the health care system, it has known for rising it costs continuously over ages. It has been estimated that 28 billion dollars are being spent every year approximately, which means 6300 dollars as an average over a single person presiding in USA. Increase in cost becomes a big problem for the residents of USA, as they are earning too much and results in inflation due to low budget and low income. Expensive treatments and expensive procedures in health care system in increasing day by day which increases the cost over patient protection. Following with advanced technology and increased frauds also increase the cost (Fisher, 2008).
B) Factors Increasing Dramatic Health Care Cost:
Describing the factors, which dramatically in...

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...such as patient protection act in order to reduce all kinds of vulnerable acts and all kinds of prevailing frauds in the country. They should restrict the payment procedures with certain procedures so that no Practioner should implement fraudulent activity anymore.


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