Is There Any Objectivity in Journalism and Public Realtions? Essay

Is There Any Objectivity in Journalism and Public Realtions? Essay

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First of all I would like to examine the job of a journalist strongly believe that the main skill a journalist should have is the ability to get the news or information and give it to the people without changing it. By being honest and telling the truth and by having reliable sources, a journalist manages to gain respect and esteem. In order to be a good professional, a journalist has to work in many levels. It is very important to make research, to take photos or videos and to be sure of the authenticity of the story. Then the story should be written with objectivity before being published to newspapers, magazines, websites, the radio or on TV. People should be informed properly. If the information or the facts are presented as they are, this authenticity will separate the good journalist from the rest.
On the other hand we have the public relations practitioners who interact with people as journalists do, but in a whole different approach. The aim of a public relations practitioner is to present facts but not necessarily by telling the truth. Unfortunately, the information is altered and people are misled to believe what is convenient and suitable to the public relations practitioner’s plans who naturally will try to present the customer (a person, a firm, a political party) in a favourable way so that there will be a rise in publicity and therefore to the advantage of the customer. Moreover, a public relations practitioner will make research as a journalist will do, in order to collect information but this is where any similarity ends. A public relations practitioner will use all the positive information, giving emphasis on it in order to support a perfect image of the customer. Any negative information will not be mentioned a...

... middle of paper ... to use the reality as it is because people are not stupid. If a person understands that what he read or listened are fake he is not going to take it seriously.
To conclude, I believe that in our days there is not any objectivity in journalists nor in public relation practitioners. Once behind these two professions being the interest, the hierarchy and the salary it is all subjective. I also want to mention that the journalists are “slaves” because they are working with people in politics or with high society who are people pulling the strings as they want. In addition, public relation practitioners are also subjective because their target is to attract people in any way in order to satisfy the client. As Kousoulis (Penelope 2013) said: “In fact there is objective catalytic subjective glance, that the look of the subject” then there is not objectivity anywhere.

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