Is Multicultural Education So Important? Essay

Is Multicultural Education So Important? Essay

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The American population is drastically changing over time. The census predicts that by around 2020, “more than half of the nation 's children are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group," Minorities will eventually be the majority! (Chappel, 2015). Since the United States is consider the world’s most culturally diverse country, the schools have transitioned to a highly diverse population of students. Thus, the education system has an important task to undertake; they must ensure that the early childhood educators are culturally competent; to embrace a culturally diverse program, and practices in which the new generation of students can greatly benefit from.
So, why is multicultural education so important in today’s society? Multicultural education, is the key component of becoming cultural competent. Students have the chance to explore their own backgrounds, learn about other people’s background, and acquire how to appreciate other differences; while being exposed to concrete experiences that will eliminate a world of stereotype.
Consequently, It is essential for teachers to educate the students with a multicultural education approach; starting at the early stages of the student’s life. According to Pattnaik (2003, p.205), It is important to reflect the diversity of society so that students are “living diversity” rather than “doing diversity,” (Ogletree, 2016) And that is the challenge many teachers are faced with today; teachers must be open minded to learn about the child’s, culture, race, religion, and background; in order to help the students meet their basic fundamental needs, as well as their academic standards. Cultural competent teachers, will acquire the ability to teach the students how to live an anti- r...

... middle of paper ... best meet the students need, and guide them to a successful future.
By doing my research on multicultural education, I learn that a cultural competent teacher is the key factor in helping the students reach their full potential, without judging or serotyping based on the students ethnicity, religion, language, or culture. Cultural competent teachers have the ability to develop a cultural diverse classroom, by implementing a multicultural education approach; through these methods, teachers can modify their teaching styles to adapt to each student’s needs. The beauty of becoming a culturally competent teacher, is acquiring the ability to learn about each student, embracing their differences, and building strong relationships that will have positive outcomes. Teachers will gain such a gratifying feeling, knowing that they did their best to help each student succeed!

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