Is Montresor A Monster Sor? Essay

Is Montresor A Monster Sor? Essay

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Sid Amadon
English IV MWF
Mr. Richards
1 November 2015
Is Montresor a Monster-sor?
The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe is a short story that leaves the reader sitting alone with their thoughts. The reader is left wondering about the implications of Montresor’s deed of killing his supposed best friend. Does it make Montresor crazy, or did Fortunato deserve his death, albeit gruesome and cruel? Do Montresor’s actions reflect his mental state? Is he insane, deranged, or crazy? Or could there be an explanation for what he did besides using the stereotypical and cliché excuse of mental illness for his actions? Combined with events in Edgar Allan Poe’s life having influenced how he wrote Montresor, the fact that Montresor was involved in a toxic friendship, and Montresor’s mental state, it could be argued that mental illness was not the reason for Montresor’s monstrous actions – life was.
It was said by Montresor that “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge.” (Edgar Allan Poe). Fortunato had supposedly hurt him in some way many times, as well as insulting him, even though as claimed many times by Montresor, they were friends. The relationship of these two was undoubtedly unhealthy, as being insulted and demeaned by somebody that one would like to call their friend usually leaves a rather harsh impact on one’s psyche. Edgar Allan Poe’s own relationship with his foster father seems to bear resemblance with the relationship that Montresor and Fortunato have, since Edgar’s foster father seemed to treat him with a mixture of affection and malice (Eapoe).
Most likely, Montresor had tried to speak to Fortunato about his attitude and actions towards Montreso...

... middle of paper ...

...w that, do we? That is the answer that everybody is scared of: Any of us can be Montresor. And there is no way to tell who it is.
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