Is Graffiti a Way to Express One's Opinion or Is it Vandalism? Essay

Is Graffiti a Way to Express One's Opinion or Is it Vandalism? Essay

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Throughout the ages art has played a vital role in our life, for it is universal and everywhere, so we experience daily basis the houses we live in to the movies we see. Even in ancient culture, from the prehistoric period, art has played a crucial role by encouraging cave dwellers drawing on the wall of caves to record history. Most art is created for a specific reason or purpose, since it has a way of expressing ideas and beliefs, and it can record the experiences of all people, yet not all people agree on art styles; thus, while some people can consider something art, other may not like the same thing and regard it as a vandalism, and that is actually the case of graffiti. Graffiti is the name for images or letters scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property (jasbal,2011); in fact, there are many types of graffiti, but the most widely recognized form of it is tagging, which involves a person using wide-tip marker pens, spray-paint or other implement to create a tag or nickname that will identify them to other graffiti taggers; graffiti can be found anywhere, on both public and private property and in trains, buses, vehicles, statues, park benches, electricity poles, billboards, parking garages, schools, fences, and business walls, yet whether people should encourage and allow graffiti, on Egypt’s streets, or not become a controversial issue. Some people believe that graffiti is art because it is a mean by which one may permanently express his or herself, and it has the potential to convey powerful and relevant messages, although for many people graffiti is illegal and a form of vandalism, since it invades people’s privacy and destroys their property. In my opinion, after pondering on this issue on four mai...

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...r lives might be affected if graffiti continues to spread; the fear resulting from the fact that the fumes resulted from the paint damages the air we breathe and that can directly affect our lungs. For instance, I heard on radio that a statistic proved that the percentage of lung cancer increased rapidly due to the effect of graffiti. In summary, the massive negative effects of graffiti on the environment can not be neglected for an aesthetic form.
In conclusion, graffiti is vandalism because it is meaningless and destroys property; besides it violates the law, it at least damages three main sectors of life: the economic sector, the social sector, and the environmental one. In my humble opinion, local authorities should run educational programs about graffiti prevention and removal; they also should encourage people to build plants and shrubs alongside the wall.

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