Is Determinism And Freedom Are Compatible Essay

Is Determinism And Freedom Are Compatible Essay

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People have free will and are responsible for their actions. More specifically I believe in compatablism, which states that determinism and freedom are compatible. I believe that in the end we all have a specific place we finish, but it is through our actions and choices that lead us there. Take the example of a highway. People choose which lane they want to be in for the time they are traveling, but in the end they are going to end up at the same exit. As long as one is doing what they want to do, one is acting freely. This is harmonious with the underlying laws of being deterministic. Actions are determined by our thoughts, desires, and beliefs. Because they are determined by things such as these, they are appropriately our own actions. Nature vs. Nurture holds a strong point of view of why someone acts the way they do and why choose the things they do. I understand that student who lives in rich suburb has a better chance of graduating high school than a student who lives in a poor inner city. It is almost fact. Their environment plays a huge role, but their own actions play a hu...

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