Is Corn for Food or Fuel? Essay

Is Corn for Food or Fuel? Essay

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One day I pulled up to a gas station, and to my surprise I saw a new sticker on the pump. The sticker read,” Fuel may contain 10% Ethanol.” I was a little taken back by the sticker. I didn’t have a full understanding of why ethanol was being used in the fuel for my car. I knew that ethanol was a bi-product of corn and other plants, so I found myself asking the question, is corn for food or fuel? I got back into my car and returned to the freeway with this question on my mind. While driving I started noticing stickers and labels on other vehicles that read: CNG (compressed natural gas), Flex Fuel (allows vehicles to go between 2 different fuels), HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), and Bio-diesel (cleaner burning diesel fuel, made from plants or vegetable oils). As I pondered about the various labeling, I found myself most curious about ethanol and other bio-fuel products.
I have heard tidbits about the energy crisis or dilemma, but not really enough to gain a strong opinion about the topic. Having a curiosity and a desire to become more informed on the topic, I sent myself to the internet with hope to become more educated. I started with the GOOGLE search engine and input “Corn + Fuel”, and got some very interesting articles and pictures. The first think I saw was a picture that really got me thinking and explains more than I can with words. Seeing this photograph really helped me to evaluate my question, “is corn for food or fuel?”

This photo graph shows corn at its’ purest state, showing fuel consumers what they are putting into their cars. I am not saying that ethanol is a bad thing, but does it need to be derived from corn or are there other biomass (plants that can be used for fuels) products that could be used. The phot...

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...ever that Mother Earth will return the favor. Through all my findings and research, I have developed a conclusion to my own question, “is corn for food or fuel?” I can now answer this question with knowledge and reason; Corn is intended for food!

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