Is Censorship Fair? Essay

Is Censorship Fair? Essay

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Is Censorship Fair

The First Amendment grants Americans the right to have freedom of speech. Censorship is not fair although it may protect “morals” that some people may have censorship still causes us to miss important things when it comes to news broadcasts and other media updates. The basic foundation of democracy is the first Amendments promise of freedom of expression. This is basic freedom and the idea should be practiced not preserved. What is censorship? Censorship is the practice of officially examining forms of entertainment and suppressing unacceptable parts. Censorship comes in many forms such as: Music, television, news broadcasts, internet, in real life, and many other forms of media. How are people supposed to express themself through speech if censorship laws exist? No one should be silenced and people should be able to hear, or say what ever they want. If someone does want to protect their morals you have the right not to listen to, or be a part of it it’s your choice. (Newth)
When said that censorship is completely ridiculous it is exactly that. In censorship opposing viewpoints, it says that the A.H.D, American Heritage Dictionary, was banned from Anchorage, Alaska because some words were said to be obscene, like bed, tail, ball, and nut. At first it seems to be a joke and seems very laughable, but we stop when we hear it has also been banned in, Cedar City, Indiana, and Eldon, Missouri. Aren’t dictionaries supposed to help you learn? In an article in Scholastic Update entitled "The Case of the disappearing Books" it says last year there were 338 cases of parents trying to remove books from schools and libraries, such as the classic Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. A teacher lost her job because she assigned a ...

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...y things to attention. Such as the music sells, but should kids be listening to it? Lets answer that with another question it has a parental advisory for a reason so how are the kids getting it with out parental permission? So it back to what was said earlier. Its not about the censorship laws its about how the people watch over their children, because no matter what the age there is always a way to get what you want. (Mastruserio)

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