Essay on Is Carrie White The Protagonist Or Is She Not?

Essay on Is Carrie White The Protagonist Or Is She Not?

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Is Carrie White the protagonist or is she not? According to X.J.Kennedy and Dana Gioia, a protagonist is “the central character in a literary work. The protagonist usually initiates the main action of the story, often in conflict with the antagonist” (Glossary of Literary Terms 2073). The purpose of this essay is to discover why she really is the protagonist. Now some might say she burned down a whole city and killed lots of people, but in Carrie`s defense if someone was bullied their entire life, and went through what Carrie did, who is to blame here? Carrie White is the protagonist for being the main character throughout the novel, she has altercations with several characters, and she is the reason behind the climax.
Carrie White is mentioned in the novel from the beginning to the end. All of the documents and characters points of view are directly towards Carrie and her telekinetic powers. From the document “Ogilivie`s Dictionary of Psychic Phenomena” quotes “The phenomenon is often used with the work of poltergeists, which are playful spirits. It should be noted that are astral beings of questionable reality, while telekinesis is thought to be an empiric function of the mind, possibly electrochemical in nature….” (Carrie 50). This document gives the reader the definition of what Carrie has and also tells the reader that researchers often mistake telekinesis as a poltergeists. Additionally, the speaker from the document “The Shadow Exploded” stated, “With the TK phenomenon, the male appears to be the carrier, the TK gene may be recessive in the male, but dominates only in the female” (Carrie 120-121). This document lets the reader know that scientist were researching telekinesis and how Carrie must have gotten the TK gene. Th...

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... the only one to witness any of Carrie`s last final events (76). As she stands there covered in pig blood everyone begins to hysterically laugh at her (196). All of the events led to prom night and what specifically happened Carrie had exposed to everyone.
As stated before, Carrie was the main focus, scientists and students gave their point of views are directed towards her, and her character change is the climax. Not only does the ending have horror and chaos, but there is also a hidden message. Even though she loses herself as a person, she still remains a protagonist. She shows her emotion towards the ending and even realizes she does not know what she had done (275-277). All in all Carrie remains innocent. She had no control over her full potential of telekinetic powers. Although, If she had lived, it is hard to say whether she would remain a protagonist or not.

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