The Iroquois Theater Fire Essay

The Iroquois Theater Fire Essay

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The Iroquois Theater fire
This horrible incident took place in a theater where the audience was cast of 2000 women and children. School had been out for Christmas and that gave incentive to many of them to show up to the Wednesday matinee performance of Mr. Blue beard. Later during half way of the show, a spark from a spotlight fell down onto the curtains which caused the fire to start, having the curtain fall down onto those on the stage. The crowd bolted out in chaos, even though there were 27 exits, only a few were open for the audience and actors to storm out of there. This is because that the doors were locked, and the idea of having exits specifically for this type of situation had only originated after the terrible incident. The flame on the curtain grew due to the excessive amount of fuel it had (the stage). Nearly 600 (above 25%) had died inside the theater because of this faulty emergency escape structuring. Many then later died to severe burn injuries in the hospitals. Apparently, there were no fire detection nor suppression systems installed in the theater; the curtains didn’t close properly, the heat vents weren’t working well, the doors were either locked or didn’t open in the proper direction, and nor did they have any type of indication for those who were further away from the theater to easily look for the door. All these violations have placed the manager’s under indictment. But none of them were ever punished. And because of the mass amount in causalities, doors were then rigged so that they can open from the inside no matter what the situation was, and signs were placed on top of them indicating that doors were this direction ( as law would mandate it).
Winecoff Hotel fire
This fire in 1946 December 7th at do...

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...pectors had determined that the reason on which the fire had rapidly spread was due to many structural and design flaws. Wires not being grounded correctly, a fire alarm that never rung or let out a peep. The stairwell which was a critical escape path overwhelmed by smoke. Other defects located in the air conditioning systems, all which helped the smoke spread. Despite of 83 building code violations, no one was ever punished for the lives that were lost. Later, the Hotel was being rebuilt, and the fire marshal had issued for the hotel to pay 192000$ to install sprinklers in the casino room; the clark county building official had rejected for the fire marshal’s charge. Authorities then had said that the automatic sprinkler systems were better off installed in the first place, as they could have prevented the loss many lives and the disaster at the hotel. Even after

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