The Invention Of The First Telescope Essay

The Invention Of The First Telescope Essay

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Space: up until a few centuries ago astronomers knew little about the universe outside of our planet. But now, with vastly improved technology, astronomers are able to uncover so much more about what lies outside of Earth. While today’s observational technology is greatly superior to that of the past, we can’t disregard the accomplishments of astronomers in the past, because without their work our knowledge of space would far less than it is today. From Galileo’s first telescope to the Webb space telescope that has yet to be launched, there are so many observational technologies that made important contributions to the observation and exploration of space.
The credit for the invention of the first telescope is given to a Dutch glasses maker, Hans Lippershey. Henry IV and others of France were using his telescopes by the end of 1608. Galileo heard about Lippershey’s invention from Jacques Bovedere, and decided to create his own (Hans Lippershey, n.d.). In 1609 Galileo created a small telescope, with a one and a half inch lenses enclosed in wooden tube only a few feet long (Time Line: A History of Telescopes, n.d.). The two lenses consisted of a primary convex lens and a concave eyepiece. This type of telescope is a refractor because the glass lenses refract the light. The telescope allowed Galileo to see into space because it was able to take in more light than the eye and then focused it into an image. His telescope magnified objects by thirty times, but he image produced was blurry (Telescopes from the Ground Up, n.d.). Using his telescope, Galileo was able to see mountains and craters on the moon, and what is now known as the Milky Way (Dunbar, B, 2003). Refractors began to larger, reaching over one hundred feet making them har...

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...l the different observational technologies have played a role in the better understanding of space, some technologies have had a bigger impact, on what is understood about the universe, than others. The introduction of space telescopes was the most important leap in observational technologies. Visible light only makes up a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it and radio waves are the only types of light that can make it through the Earth’s atmosphere. All other types of radiation, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma and x-ray, are partially or completely blocked by the atmosphere. But space telescopes allow for astronomers to study light of all different wavelengths. Having space telescopes also lead to more knowledge about the expansion of the universe, without space telescopes scientist wouldn’t be aware of the accelerating expansion. Due to space telescopes

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