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Introduction Of The Mi Model Essay

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Introduction of the MI Model
Our team decided upon utilizing a guiding style approach as a way to introduce the MI Model to Marvin .We agreed that our reflective listening skills would be beneficial when assisting Marvin in the direction of healthy change. We would focus in on the Marvin’s overall outcome for therapy and ask questions such as, “Why would you want to make this change?” or “What would be different if these things changed for the better in your life?” We would also pinpoint his strengths within the workplace and would collaborate and provide support with ways to improve his personal and professional life.
We also discussed being empathic, developing discrepancies as they arise, avoiding arguments, rolling with resistance, and the utilization of self-efficacy as a way to introduce the MI Model.
Explanation of concerns
Our team decided we would discuss our role as the practitioner and would reassure Marvin that he is the expert of his life. We would let him know that our role is to work with him to explore his interests and provide support. We would create a “positive interpersonal atmosphere that is conductive to change but not coercive (Miller & Rollnick, 2013, p. 15). We would be attentive and play close attention to the change talk during the session and utilize Marvin’s strengths as a way to provide support in his efforts to change.
Engaging, Focusing, Evoking, and Planning
Engaging- Our team decided we would do a formal introduction and confidentiality in efforts to provide Marvin with a safe environment. We would also work on rapport building by utilizing our OARS skills. We would ask him questions such as "what is going on and how might I be able to help you?" or "what has been making you feel as though you d...

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...chniques described by our team consisted of the OARS skills. We would utilize this technique as a way to find out more about Marvin and work toward building a positive relationship. We would start off by ensuring Marvin was comfortable. We would ask open-ended questions to find out more about what brought Marvin in for his first session. We would discuss intended outcomes for the session and utilize our reflective listening skills and paraphrase what is being stated to ensure we both are on the same page and as a way to elicit change. We would be affirming as a way to support and encourage him to move towards change. To pull everything together, we would summarize all that we have gone over not only at the end of the session, but throughout the session. Most importantly, we would ask Marvin if he would like to meet again to continue working towards a healthy change.

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