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The Internet: The Greatest Invention Ever Essay example

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Throughout the years, there have been hundreds of inventions that have been created to change our way of life. These inventions have ranged from the beginning of time with the wheel through Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb, which had been used for years to keep houses lit. Possibly one of the greatest inventions in history that is still used today is the internet, which has made significant changes to how the day to day business is conducted.
On October 29, 1969 Lawrence Roberts had created the first two nodes to travel between UCLA and SRI International. This project was originally conducted under the Advanced Research Projects Agency to counteract the USSR’s launch of the Sputnik. After the creation it had been called the Arpanet, and would be used specifically for government networks until the early 90’s. In 1990 the World Wide Web had been created as an online public network for everyday civilians to use. At least three decades later the web has grown to include over a million sites, while maintaining the original governments use to maintain a network between locations.
Today the government still uses the internet for official business, generally for communications between commands and even allied countries. For instance NASA will pass along launch data over the internet to coordinate a shuttle launch. This has been a useful tool for the government for fifty years now. The government will continue to use this capability, which as a result will lead to further discoveries that will improve the quality of the internet.
Over time the different means of receiving the internet have changed several years ago, a phone line would proved a slow connection to the internet, but would not be useful when storing and...

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...g in outside activities, making friends, and even participating in relationships. Often companies will even discontinue their business meetings and will participate in a video conference, for example two businesses will meet to discuss the purchase of a product. In essence this will take away the personal time and could rush a purchase, and cause the company to deny a deal.
The internet has come along way since its birth back in 1969, from its start as a government network to the everyday life; it has proven to be one of the greatest inventions ever discovered. It has helped many people with an array of task ranging from everyday government usage, and personal web pages to the ever so expanding horizons of technology still being produced today. Between the good and the bad, the internet has improved the way of life, and will continue to improve throughout time.

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