The Internet : A Global Community Standard A Fallacy Or The Only Way Out?

The Internet : A Global Community Standard A Fallacy Or The Only Way Out?

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The Internet: The Road to Regulation
The Internet has grown exponentially, in such a short period of time, that speculation or reflection upon its lifespan of 20-odd years may present a feeling of substantial progression in contemporary civilization. The complete freedom of expression, a stepping-stone in the structure of the Internet, has separated the Internet from other more conventional forms of media, such as newspapers and television. Nearly instantaneous access to information and global news has paved the way for the future of humanity, thus further enhancing our thirst for societal advancement. However, this unrestricted freedom of Internet content, in which anyone with the technological training may speak directly to an immense array of spectators concerning a broad range of subjective material, has brought upon a feeling of concern for some who believe it could be potentially detrimental to a younger audience. Throughout the articles, “Internet Content Regulation: Is a Global Community Standard a Fallacy or the Only Way Out?” written by Abhilash Nair, and “Internet Addiction or Excessive Internet Use,” written by Aviv Weinstein and Michel Lejoyeux, the Internet is seen to be more problematic throughout the primarily younger demographic and the journalists call for regulatory action to be taken in order to prevent future diagnoses of psychiatric disorders which may be caused by Internet addiction, resulting from severe Internet usage. Could the comorbidity regarding cognitive mechanisms in correlation to computer use, which theoretically may be impairing psychological development due to excessive Internet access, prove the situation to be problematic or possibly beneficial in visage of the long run?
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... of depressive symptoms in the group of Internet addicts, significant differences in depression between the control and clinical group have not been observed, nor does the level of depression exceed the mild category. Moreover, we cannot infer a higher likelihood of depression based on excessive Internet use or Internet addiction.” (Hinić 194) The question remains: is an information overload becoming a problem for a younger demographic? And the answer seems to be yes, but only due to the individuals preexisting psychological conditions. Placing blame on video games, drugs, or the Internet when no perfect solution to the overall problem can be found constitutes as taking the easy way out. Hopefully, further research studies will conduct more efficient methods of experimentation, in the unfortunate likelihood that it is, in fact, too late to regulate the Internet.

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