Intelligence Of Intelligence And Intelligence Tests Essay

Intelligence Of Intelligence And Intelligence Tests Essay

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Kwajo Frimpong
Kristel Behrend
AP Seminar
14 December, 2015
Invalid Intelligence Tests
People have many different standards of intelligence and it is has a high value in our society. Intelligence is something that manymost people would describe as one’syour ability to perform equations and solve problems or even know how to pick up on someone’s feelings. There are many ways that people measure intelligence. One popular way of measuring intelligence is intelligence tests which have been highly regarded by many for decades. Most people today would say that intelligence testing accurately displays someone’s intelligence. However, intelligence testing may not truly be a good measure of intelligence. Intelligence is categorized in many different ways, and we measure it in our own ways. But intelligence tests don’t measure all of our capabilities well and .
Intelligence tests are currently accepted as a way to calculate how intelligent one isyou are and can show one’syour intellectual abilities. There are many types of intelligence tests. There are intelligence quotient (IQ) tests such as the Stanford-Binet Test, or Weschler scales. Another type of intelligence test that could be used is the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) which is very popular worldwide. “This test is taken by almost 1 million US high school seniors every year to gain passage to colleges and universities” (General Psychology 1). None of these tests appeared out of thin air and had to originate somewhere, but no one knows when exactly the idea of intelligence tests came up. “The earliest recorded intelligence test was made by the Chinese emperor Ta Yu in 22,000 BC” (General Psychology 1). This test, however, was used by the emperor to decide whether or not to promo...

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...they want and/or deserve because of their SAT results for example. The tests we take could show our abilities properly but they don’t because the test makers are in it for the money. “market forces (i.e., the demands of test consumers) have retarded the development of new, more appropriate measures of intellectual abilities” (Yekovich 3).
In conclusion, we don’t know a lot about one of the most confusing topics in our world today, intelligence. We can categorize it into different pieces of a bigger picture, we can also try to measure it in different ways. In the end though, we can’t put a label on something that is very vast and mysterious. But for now, intelligence can’t be measured by a group of tests that we think are accurate. We as a people should be able to notice something like this and should work with test makers to change how these tests measure us.

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