Installing Additional RAM In a Desktop Computer Essay

Installing Additional RAM In a Desktop Computer Essay

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Owning a desktop PC can be a rewarding experience that is long-lasting. Many PC users do not know how to perform their own hardware upgrades and repairs. Users can increase the lifespan and performance of their desktop PC with simple hardware upgrades. It requires a small amount of knowledge to be capable of upgrading many of the key components inside of a computer. A large portion of users are scared of opening a PC to perform a repair or upgrade. Computer upgrades are usually very simple, and there is very little to be scared of. Research and knowledge are the keys to any PC upgrade or repair. Some safety measures must be followed, but most PC upgrades are little more complex than plugging a household appliance into the wall. Hardware documentation and the internet are the best ways to gather information on a particular computer and will determine what hardware can be used. The basics of this guide can be used to install or replace video cards, sound cards, modems, and RAM. The guide will outline the process for installing additional RAM into a desktop computer.
RAM stands for random access memory, and it is also referred to as volatile memory. Volatile memory loses data when the power is turned off. An example of non-volatile memory is a computer hard drive. Because the hard drive retains data even after a shutdown, it is considered non-volatile. Every program and application executed on a computer is loaded into and out of RAM. Windows runs many processes that consume a sizeable amount of RAM. The more RAM inside of a computer, the faster it will download files, run software, install applications, boot up, shutdown, and more. Many aging computers become young again with additional RAM added to the system. Modern RAM is usua...

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... may be seen showing “new hardware found” in the lower right corner of the screen upon the initial restart.
In summary, gather information first from outside the computer and obtain an ESD wrist strap. Secondly, gather information from inside the computer about its current configuration, and buy hardware upgrades accordingly. Finally perform the upgrade, and verify the installation.
This guide can be applied to installing a video card, sound card and many other types of PC expansions. For these other upgrades, hardware drivers must be installed. A simple internet search for the drivers is all that is required. Possessing the ability to upgrade and repair a computer can save time, money and reduce stress. Most upgrades are very simple to complete with a small amount of product research. There should be very little fear of performing these upgrades for most users.

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