Essay on Informative Speech From Your Other Speaking Opportunities

Essay on Informative Speech From Your Other Speaking Opportunities

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1. Identify and describe in detail at least four areas that you have improved in your informative speech from your other speaking opportunities (you have all improved in many more than four areas – identify at least four).

RESPONSE 1: One major area that I have improved in my informative speech was the voice. After evaluating my presentation, I noticed that I used a vocal variety which add a great impact to my speech. Another area I improved was the pace during my speech. In my pass presentation, I would start off slow then fast, slow then fast, and then repeat that same process repeatedly. In my informative speech, I realize that I do not do that as much and I could maintain a steady paste. More eye contact is another area I have improved. Sometimes I would look at the wall in front of me or the paper below me, but this time I feel like I have engaged more with my audience. Another area that I improved dramatically is my nonverbal communication. After watching my informative speech presentation, I could see that I used more hand gestures and movements that helped me to deliver my message.

2. Describe how you have improved throughout the semester in this class, and if your improvement has helped you in other areas of life.

RESPONSE 2: I can gladly say that I have improved drastically throughout this semester in class. Honestly I had no clue what I was doing in the begging, but after following all the instructions that were given and doing all the work that was assigned to me, I have improved. I can now create a superior outline thanks to speech 151. These improvements helped me in other areas of life as well. For example my history class are assign to write an article on every chapter the students read. After taking this cla...

... middle of paper ... should do a presentation or public speaking, I know where to start.

I will offer up to 5 Extra Credit Points if you include a detailed response to the following question:

5. Knowing what you know now what advice would you offer another student that will be taking this same course next semester?

RESPONSE 5: Some advice I would give another student that will be taking this same course is to follow the outline. The reason why I say this is because when in the beginning of this class my first presentation was terrible. I did the outline and I presented, but the problem was I did not follow the outline correctly. After that major error I followed the outline and went over it thoroughly with instructions provided me by my teacher and the resources online. Learning and following the outline will benefit students who are planning on taking this course in the future.

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